It may seem obvious, as a painter, to focus on colour, texture and pattern, and other elements of art; and it is up to a point. It's more about 'how' the colours are used in conjunction with various tools or equipment to create marks. For instance, to use copious amounts of paint and other materials that will produce wonderful textures. As an abstract artist, these elements are important to me. There is a skill and technique involved as to how to use these elements to make good quality artworks.


When I choose a paint, I want to explore the colour, 'play' with it for a while. I want to see how I can manipulate the colour by using objects;  objects that are meant for purpose and objects that are not meant for purpose. This is the beauty of painting. There is no fixed way of doing things. It's about finding out what can happen and having fun while doing that. Once I'm in the moment, something magical happens. I discover something else that I had not imagined and so I go with that. I'm taken on a journey of tangents. Unknown. Delightful.


So, painting, for me, is an intensely exquisite process. It’s about having fun, to play and to experiment. I want to see what will happen if I try something that I haven't tried before; to approach the work using different techniques. What will happen if I try this or try that? If I make a mistake or an accident happens, I will embrace it. This is because there’s a good possibility that something wonderful or interesting may happen. Something that couldn’t be formed from a direct plan or idea. The artistic freedom to explore those possibilities is joyous!















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